Hepatitis C – Cures Versus Side Effects

Hepatitis C is the leading cause of Liver transplants in the U.S. (see the CDC’s website)

With 10,000 people dying every year from Hip C, this is a VERY serious problem. That’s over 1 person every hour. 8 to 10 people die every day while waiting for a liver transplant. Moneyshark Many famous people have had Hip C and ended up with Liver transplants or died of liver disease, such as: Evil Kneel, Mickey Mantle who died shortly after a Liver transplant in 1995, Keith Richards, Naomi Judd who had to retire early from a very successful music career to undergo the Peg Interferon treatments, Freddy Fender who died in 2006 after a Liver transplant in 2004, Natalie Cole, daughter of Nat King Cole, Gregg Allan of the Allan Brothers band, and Pamela Anderson.

A little background on Hepatitis C: its cause is from the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) which is mostly transferred from human to human through the blood, pre-1992 was through blood transfusions, but is also contracted through unsterilized needles in drug use, tattoos, and piercings. Moneyshark

Until recently, it was a disease that had no known treatment or cure according to the medical establishment. Now Peg Interferon alfa-2a and 2b Weekly SHOTS coupled with daily Ribavirin pills are the only “recognized” treatment of Hepatitis C. And at a cost of nearly $20,000 for the 42 week treatment with about a 40% success rate.  And now the BAD news, as if $20,000 isn’t bad enough already or a Liver transplant can be somewhere north of $267,000, using PegInterferon and Ribavirin has a set of daunting side effects.

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